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  • Max Ernst

    Max Ernst (1891-1976) was a german painter and sculptor. His moving life story has taken many inspiring turns just like his art career.
  • Dadaism

    Dadaism was one of main art movements appearing in the early 20th century and flourished around the world in the 1920th. It was based on the avant-gard ideas and rejected reasoning and logic, same aestheticism of the modern society. They were fighting it with nonsense and irrationality.
  • Fauvism

    Fauvism came around early 20th century and was centred around a group of artists that called themselves “les Fauves” (the beasts). As a group they only lasted around 3 years and had only 3 exhibitions. Nevertheless they changed the world of art as we know it.
  • Surrealism

    Surrealism Definition Surrealism is a movement in the art scene that emerged after the World War I. It's style is described to be the dream-like...
  • Baroque Art

    Baroque came around late 16th century and had it's peak in the end of the 17th century, preceding Rococo. Baroque's definition marks are very exuberant detail, pompous gracious themes, deep colour and movement.
  • Neoclassicism

    Neoclassicism is a form of art that arose in the 19th century as a complete opposition to Rococo. It drew it's inspiration from of classical art of ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Rococo

    Sometimes called Late Baroque Rococo is commonly known for it's very theatrical feeling, asymmetrical ornaments and curves, soft color palette, gilding and so on. It came about in 1730s as a protest to more formal French Classicism.
  • Museo Del Prado

    Museo Del Prado (also known as Prado Museum) is the most important Spanish National Museum. It is located in the heart of Madrid and dates back to 1819. Containing over 20000 pieces of paintings and sculptures that makes it to be one of the greatest museums in the world and also one of the most visited (around 3,3 million visitors annually).
  • Brush Strokes

    Brush strokes is a defining matter in the world of art. The way you brush is essentially the way you visions and deepest artistic desires come to life. 
  • Hermitage Museum in Russia

    Hermitage Museum is in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It is considered to be the second largest museum in the world (after Louvre). Hermitage museum was built in 1746 by the request of Catherine The Great. It's collections contains around 3 million items located in six different buildings.
  • Pablo Picasso Blue Period

    Pablo Picasso can't be overrated in the art world and if now he is consider to be one of the greatest painters ever lived he had to start somewhere. This story is about how a man with the dark past overcame his depression for the greater.
  • Sainte-Chapelle in Paris

    Complete guide to Saint-Chapelle where you find out all the small details need to be searched on different sites. All about the Saint-Chapelle relics, stained glass, restoration, history and costs.