How to Start Drawing – Simple First Steps

How to Start Drawing

“I wanted to start drawing again, but I just never seem to find time for it” is a sentence we regularly hear and say ourselves.

Why draw?

Picking up anything new is always a challenge, but in case of drawing it is not!

Hand-drawing has recently experienced somewhat of a revival in the decoration field. It is not needed anymore to spend hours on trying to perfect your technic, just pick your pencil and start creating abstract forms on the huge piece of paper. Find a place for it in your home and frame it. This will be an easy and free way to create a special "designer" feeling to your space and make you feel proud of yourself every day!

Make it a weekly challenge!

A very important thing to note is that after breaking the ice, you have to create a habit if you want to stick to drawing. Here’s what you can do: we advise everyone that after starting, you come up with a plan or a challenge for yourself. Something like a sketch a day or drawing for half an hour every week. It’s best to start with small steps and work your way up slowly. Once you have established a habit, it’s not hard to expand on it and invest more time and energy if you want to.

Go further...

When you’ve done several pages of lines and you feel like you're out of ideas, it’s probably time to move on. Once the hand has gotten somewhat accustomed to holding and moving the pen, it’s time to start observing our environment, thinking about it and recording it on paper. A good first step is drawing simple objects. They are easily understandable forms that are a great practice for your eye-brain-hand connection. When we draw them, we are forced to observe them, reinterpret them and then record them on paper.

Before you go off drawing

We have a final tip for you. When learning something new, never compare yourself to others, compare yourself to you from yesterday. This won’t scare you away at the beginning and will still keep you going later once you have truly mastered it. Because you can always be better than yourself from yesterday.